What do New Commercial Leasing Deals Have to do With Your Company?

09 Sep 2011

If you watch the real estate news in Calgary, then you might already know that having a major company move into the area can turn out to be big news. However, what does it actually have to do with your company’s commercial leasing, or its expansion plans?

Whether you run a big business or small one, realized that every commercial real estate market

What is the Best Way to Find a Commercial REALTOR® in Calgary?

26 Aug 2011

If you have never used a Commercial REALTOR® in Calgary before, the process of finding one might seem like it’s a little bit daunting at first. After all, there are dozens of professionals out there who can show you retail locations, industrial spaces, and open offices throughout the city; how do you even begin searching for the right one?

Usually, business owners and executives turn to one of two methods: …

Why Your Calgary Commercial REALTOR® Should Have a Business Background

12 Aug 2011

If there is one thing that I wish more business owners knew about commercial real estate in Calgary, it would have to be that buying residential real estate is a lot different than buying commercial real estate. Many of them know this intuitively, of course, given the differences in the types of properties that are available – not to mention the prices. But at the same time, they …

What Can a Calgary Commercial REALTOR® do for You?

25 Jul 2011

For most business owners, a Calgary Commercial REALTOR® is someone you see when you’re thinking about expanding to a new area, getting a bigger office space, or maybe even adding a new retail location. Just like finding a home, they figure they’ll tell the REALTOR® what they’re looking for, and then spend weeks or months checking out different commercial properties around Calgary, hoping to find one that more or …

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