Commercial REALTOR®

Services of a Commercial REALTOR®

Working with a Calgary Commercial REALTOR® makes all the difference because a commercial REALTOR® is a member of your local real estate board,  provincial association and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and as such, subscribes to a high standard of professional service and to a strict Code of Ethics.

Whether you’re buying or selling,  a Commercial REALTOR® will do everything possible to respond to your concerns, satisfy your needs and accommodate your preferences.

A Commercial REALTOR® will bring professional negotiating skills, crucial knowledge of the real estate market and a firm appreciation of the neighborhood. Commercial REALTORS® have access to the Commercial Listing Service‚ (CLS®), Canada’s most powerful real estate marketing system.

CREB® has a long standing Commercial Division, dedicated to serving commercial practitioners. This Division also has its own Code of Conduct, Rules, and Regulations and Procedures.

Each member must complete a distinct educational program and maintain continuing education to stay current with licensing and membership. Members have access to the latest in standard forms and clauses to ensure all the pertinent details of the contracts are accurate and up-to-date.

Many of the 560 full commercial members are specialized and practice exclusively within specific commercial real estate segments (i.e., office sales/leasing, industrial sales/leasing, retail sales/ leasing, investment properties, small business sales, commercial land sales, and apartment sales.)

Why Me?

Business owners are very busy trying to run their businesses and really don’t have a lot of extra time to be shopping around trying to find office or commercial space. Whether it is for their existing business, expanding business or downsizing, finding the right space for your business is stressful and can be very time consuming.

Using a Commercial REALTOR® to help take that pain away and help assess market value for retail, office and industrial properties and vacant land. As a Commercial REALTOR® I will take your list of your wants and needs and help turn them into reality, all the while business owners and decision makers can stay focused on their running and growing their business. Make sure that the list includes the “musts” and the “nice-to-haves”.

Things to consider would be things like:


Deciding where you want to locate may be the single most important factor in choosing a property. Location affects your day-to-day business and is one of the most significant influences on value.

The choice of location may be limited somewhat by the price, even so, make sure to consider such things as:

    • Distance to urban areas, facilities, services, highways, public transportation and utilities
    • Proposed changes in land use such as commercial shopping centres and new roads, and potential problems such as noise from a nearby airport or roadway.
    • Type of property and lot

There is a very wide variety of properties that fall within the commercial domain. There are classifications that need to be understood and what impact they have on zoning, bylaws, taxes, and other relevant business issues. A Commercial REALTOR® can help explain the different uses and zones for the potential properties being considered.

Size and style

Consider size and style. How many square feet will be needed for all employees, how much space will need to be allocated for storage, computer equipment, office administration functions space such as copying and filing room, kitchen and lunchroom space, etc. Maybe a contemporary property or perhaps some time will be needed to see product options will assist these decisions. Either way a Commercial REALTOR® will listen to preferences and help find the right property.


Commercial REALTOR®’s have access to a database, like MLS® for Residential properties. The one for Commercial property listings is CLS® (Commercial Listing Service). This is an avenue to assist business people looking for business space as well as working in partnership with the industry’s leading commercial real estate brokerage firms. Having access to CLS® gives me great tools such as;

    • Extensive up-to-the-minute information on each property listing (sale or lease) including floor plans, colour photos, and detailed property data.
    • Separate on-line or Internet accessed database of property information, including ten (10) years of historical sales information. All sales information is verified via the Land Titles information, so more accuracy can be created for members in valuing properties.
    • Commercial properties can be searched according to numerous criteria. Working with his or her REALTOR®, a buyer or tenant’s criteria can be matched to the database to identify specific properties that match the needs.
    • Various reports and different formats can be utilized to help create professional presentations to assist in negotiating with clients for listings and sales.
    • Specialized reports, including photos on CLS®, can be e-mailed to clients via the Internet.
    • The worldwide website accessible off the CLS® system to display properties to the public.