About Cynthia Culhane….

I am a Lifelong Calgarian and I am married to a wonderful man named Lonne, who has also been living in Calgary all his life.  We have 3 beautiful daughters who also are proud to be Calgarian.

I have worked in various areas of the city and have always lived in the South part of Calgary. Living here all of my life I have watched this city grow exponentially and feel that I am a resident expert for all of real estate needs.

I am an exception of most REALTOR®’s, I have a vast background in many facets of business. I have been an integral part of many startup companies, working mostly in Operations but also with Finance being a close second. My first startup experience was starting and growing a long distance resale company into a 12 million dollar company in its first year. Setting up Operations in a company with that kind of growth will give you the war wounds that would earn you a medal, but we did it!

I have a background in industries such as land surveying, telephone, gas & electricity as well as HVAC and Solar products. I gained startup and operations background working for great companies such as Bell Canada, Direct Energy and ENMAX.  After supporting many great Sales teams and holding great positions in these companies such as Sr. Manager, Sales Operations Canada and Director, Business Operations, I felt it was time to move to the other side of the sales process.

This extensive background gives me the business experience that sets me apart from other REALTOR®’s. Having the business acumen allows me to be a valuable resource for business owners looking for new space in many different ways. Also with the strong finance background, I understand operational costs, how things like leases & utilities affect the bottom line of a business. This experience gives me a sharp eye when looking for the right product for my clients.

As a REALTOR® I will be dedicated to finding you the right commercial space for your business, with all of the important components required to make your business space feel like home for your business.