One Hidden Benefit of Choosing the Right Calgary Commercial Realtor®

Finding the right Calgary commercial realtor® can be an important business decision, if only because having someone who will take the time to learn about you and your business can save you untold hours of searching through different properties.

But there is another “hidden” benefit of finding the right commercial realtor, too, and one that a lot of clients never think about: having someone who can help you to make the connections you need.

In other words, a good Calgary commercial realtor® is going to know people who can make the process of moving or opening your business a lot easier. Here are just a few of the types of professionals he or she can introduce you to:

Banks and commercial lenders. Because we work with loan officers all the time, we might be able to help you arrange favorable financing for your commercial property.

Energy specialists and utility company contacts. Need to know what utilities will cost in a certain location, or whether you might be eligible for discounts and rebates? A Calgary commercial realtor® can point you to someone who will know.

Insurance professionals. You’ll want your business to be protected from the first day, and at the best commercial insurance rate possible.

IT companies and support teams. From setting up networks to choosing the right hardware and software for a growing business, these professionals can be invaluable at several points in the process.

HVAC companies, plumbers, and electricians. Calgary commercial realtors® know everyone you need to get your new location operational and keep it that way.

Maintenance and cleaning crews. This is another example of a vendor you might need in a new area, but may not have connections for. We can help you get the cleanest offices at the best rates.

… the list could go on and on, but the point is that you may need a team of professionals or vendors to get your company up and running as quickly and profitably as possible. By having the right
Calgary commercial realtor® in your corner, making these connections is a snap.

Call me today to find out what else a great Calgary commercial realtor® can do for you!

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