What’s the Difference Between a Good Calgary Commercial Realtor® and a Great One?

Recently, one of my newer clients gave me a fantastic compliment, saying that I was one of the best Calgary commercial realtors he’d ever worked with. But to understand why you should care, and why it should affect the way you look for commercial properties in Alberta, you have to think about another question first…

What’s the difference between a really good Calgary commercial realtor® and a great one?

Believe it or not, it isn’t in their knowledge of different Calgary neighborhoods, their experience in finding commercial properties for different kinds of clients, or even the number of commercial real estate transactions they have successfully brokered – although each of these things might be important in its own way. What really makes a Calgary commercial realtor® great (at least in my opinion) is something a lot simpler: the number of questions they ask, and their willingness to take the time to consider the answers.

Let me explain: My client had worked with several other Calgary commercial realtors in the past, and they all had a similar set of skills and experience. Where he thought I want above and beyond was during a part of the process that I didn’t really think much about: I simply asked him what he was looking for, tried very hard to understand what that was, and why, and then used that information to forward him listings that fit the criteria. That’s it.

That might not be a groundbreaking way of working, but it did end up saving this particular company a lot of time and stress. With a new facility opening soon, he just didn’t have the time to look at lots of listings that didn’t make sense for him, or to go over the reasons that they wouldn’t time and time again.

Because I’ve heard this again and again throughout my career, I know that it’s important to commercial real estate clients. And so, if you want to find a Calgary commercial realtor® that you’re going to be happy with later, don’t just take the one with the right resume or brochure – find a great listener who wants you to have the perfect business property.

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