How a Good Calgary Commercial REALTOR® Can Save Your Business A Lot Of Money

Earlier this month, I posted some good advice on the difference between rentable space and usable space. Although the concepts aren’t that complicated, they are just a couple of the dozens that a Calgary commercial REALTOR® is going to deal with every day.

Many business owners and executives are surprised to find out just how many things there are to consider when buying or leasing a commercial property in Calgary, and how each one can heavily impact the financial future their business.

In fact, there’s one thing I’ve learned about commercial real estate in Calgary, it’s that asking the right questions – or even knowing what the right questions are in the first place – can save you a great deal of money.

I’ll give you a good example: Recently, I had a client who was looking for a retail space in a large shopping center. Beyond the simple square footage leasing expense, a portion of the building’s utilities were also built into the agreement. Sounds reasonable, right? It would, except that the space was being shared by restaurants, appliance stores, and other retailers. How likely does it seem that they are all going to use the same amount of electricity, heating, or water?

It’s understandable that the landlord or leasing manager wouldn’t want to raise these issues with my client, but knowing to ask and negotiate these topics could potentially save him thousands of dollars each year. In the same way, many retail centers charge tenants a fee, above and beyond the lease rate, of their gross sales. This is just one more example of an issue that you need to watch out for, since it could easily end up making or breaking your fiscal year.

When it comes to buying or leasing commercial property in Calgary, there is simply no substitute for having a REALTOR® on your side who understands the relevant issues, and your business in general. If you want a commercial realtor who can help you find the right location that gives you room to grow your company and your bottom line, then call me today for a free consultation.

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