Looking for the Right Place for Commercial Real Estate in Calgary?

In a city as large as Calgary, there are always going to be places with available commercial real estate. Now more than ever though, many up-and-coming businesses are looking at the southeast part of town, around Kingsland, as the perfect place to start a new office and expand.

From a business and convenience perspective, there is a lot to love. Consider just a few of the advantages that this part of town has, for commercial real estate lessees, over some of the downtown districts:

Some of the lowest commercial real estate leasing rates in Calgary. Saving money is always good for business, and the Kingsland area offers commercial real estate rates that are much lower than downtown Calgary can offer.

Light traffic and easy parking. Anyone who has lived in Calgary for more than a month or two knows how tough commuting and parking can be, so why not escape the daily mess? Besides helping you and your staff to get rid of some headaches, turning away from downtown Calgary parking could save your company thousands of dollars a year.

Lots of restaurants and retail shops nearby. You probably would not choose commercial real estate in Calgary based on the availability of local retailers and restaurants, but they do add a nice feel to the neighborhood – especially if you have the kind of business that can benefit from meeting with clients in person.

Room to grow. Perhaps best of all, by looking in the Kingsland commercial real estate area, you are not likely to find yourself fighting over the same handful of properties as everyone else. Moreover, there could be room for your business to grow if you need to expand again in a couple of years.

If you have been looking for the right area to grow your professional services business and want to find accessible, affordable office space, then call me today to find out whether the Kingsland area might be right for you.
For the very best in Calgary commercial real estate, contact REALTOR® Cynthia Culhane at 403-999-3720 today!

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