How a Great Calgary Commercial Realtor Can Help Behind the Scenes

21 Sep 2012

When most business owners or executives find themselves looking for a Calgary commercial realtor, it’s because they need help looking for the perfect retail or industrial space, or because they want help understanding the market and lease options. What they find, however, is that the right Calgary commercial realty expert can be a big help in a lot of other ways, too.

To give an example of what I mean, …

How Closely do You Need to Follow the Calgary Commercial Real Estate Market?

27 Jan 2012

Because Calgary commercial real estate affects so many other parts of the Alberta economy (including employment rates, interest on business loans, available inventory, etc.), it isn’t unusual to find commercial real estate news on the front pages of lots of local papers. That’s good news for a Calgary commercial realtor® like me, but what if you are someone who is thinking about leasing …

Will You Need a Calgary Commercial Realtor® in 2012?

11 Jan 2012

Now that the holidays are behind us, a lot of us will start turning our focus and attention to our business plans for the new year. And for many of you, that might mean expanding to a new location, or moving your business to a different facility.

For that reason, I’ll give you a good piece of advice: if you think you might …

One Hidden Benefit of Choosing the Right Calgary Commercial Realtor®

28 Dec 2011

Finding the right Calgary commercial realtor® can be an important business decision, if only because having someone who will take the time to learn about you and your business can save you untold hours of searching through different properties.

But there is another “hidden” benefit of finding the right commercial realtor, too, and one that a lot of clients never think about: having …

How Far Ahead do You Need to Think in Calgary Commercial Real Estate?

12 Dec 2011

Are you thinking about growing your business, moving into a new location, or otherwise looking at Calgary commercial real estate? If so, then you might be wondering how far ahead of time you actually need to make a decision, or at least get serious about reviewing different commercial properties.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any single set answer to this question, and of course much …

A Few Things You Should Know About Zoning When Looking at Calgary Commercial Real Estate

24 Nov 2011

If there is one thing that typically seems confusing to Calgary commercial real estate clients – and especially the ones looking at business spaces for the first time – it’s the laws and regulations that surround the zoning process.

You probably already know that, in short, the zoning in a particular area or building dictates what kind of business or operations you can …

What’s the Difference Between a Good Calgary Commercial Realtor® and a Great One?

10 Nov 2011

Recently, one of my newer clients gave me a fantastic compliment, saying that I was one of the best Calgary commercial realtors he’d ever worked with. But to understand why you should care, and why it should affect the way you look for commercial properties in Alberta, you have to think about another question first…

What’s the difference between a really good Calgary …

How a Good Calgary Commercial REALTOR® Can Save Your Business A Lot Of Money

20 Oct 2011

Earlier this month, I posted some good advice on the difference between rentable space and usable space. Although the concepts aren’t that complicated, they are just a couple of the dozens that a Calgary commercial REALTOR® is going to deal with every day.

Many business owners and executives are surprised to find out just how many things there are to consider when …

The Difference Between Rentable Space, and Usable Space

06 Oct 2011

A lot of clients who are new to Calgary commercial real estate assume, quite reasonably, that they should set out by looking for the certain amount of space that they need, and expect they’ll pay for that and nothing more. What they are often surprised to find, however, is that it doesn’t always work that way.

Why? Because there is sometimes a difference between rentable space …

Looking for the Right Place for Commercial Real Estate in Calgary?

23 Sep 2011

In a city as large as Calgary, there are always going to be places with available commercial real estate. Now more than ever though, many up-and-coming businesses are looking at the southeast part of town, around Kingsland, as the perfect place to start a new office and expand.

From a business and convenience perspective, there is a lot to love. Consider just a few …

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